Firm Profile

Yehuda Farkash – Managing Partner

The accounting firm, Yanir Farkash & Co., was founded in 1964 by the late David Yanir, CPA.

Our firm has a comprehensive and skilled team of around 20 employees, including accountants, lawyers and academics, knowledgeable and experienced in the fields of economics, accounting, computing, finance, taxation, business management, insurance labor law, pension taxation and mapping, and more.

The firm comprises 6 departments, each with its own unique character and expertise in its specific field.

Audit Department
Our Audit Department provides the following services: auditing of financial reports for companies and non-profit organizations, internal audits, preparation of corporate financial reports and review of monthly and quarterly reports.

Tax Department
The Tax Department includes business and individual Tax Clusters. Our firm has extensive experience in working with the tax authorities in Israel in all branches of the economy, as well as all aspects of tax planning and international taxation.

Economic and Business Support Department
Our firm has extensive experience in business support in all branches of the economy and in the performance of diverse economic projects. We believe that ongoing, professional, business accompanying support helps the business owner to anticipate future problems and to identify problems created within a reasonable period of time.

Non-Profit Organizations Department
Our firm runs a Non-Profit Organizations Department, providing service, professional support and ongoing dealing with various entities, including inter alia, the tax authorities, assistance in obtaining approval according to Section 46, the Department of Proper Management of the Registrar of Associations, assistance in audits on behalf of the Accountant General and in-depth audits on behalf of the Registrar of Associations, the preparation of annual budgets and the ongoing monitoring of actual performance.

Pension Taxation Department
In light of the increasing awareness and importance of pension savings for the individual, we established a Pension Taxation Department that provides assistance in the field of long-term savings,
Including present and future tax aspects upon retirement, aspects of insurance, protection of rights during a change of employers, and the like.

Legal Department
Our office has extensive experience in the preparation of expert opinions for presentation in court in the fields of economics, accounting, labor law and also in preparing witnesses and lawyers for court investigations in the aforementioned fields. Our firm serves as an accounting expert on behalf of the court.