Partner – Jacob Weider, CPA (Lawyer)

Our firm has extensive, long-term experience in working with the taxation bodies in the State of Israel in all branches of the economy, and also wide experience in all aspects of tax planning and international taxation.

The taxation services provided by our firm include:

1. Representation before the tax authorities (income tax, V AT and National Insurance).
2. Ongoing consultation in matters of taxation.
3. Assistance in determining corporate form and company structure.
4. Mergers and spin-offs.
5. Approved Enterprises under the Law for the Encouragement of Capital Investments.
6. Tax consulting services in the field of real estate and land taxation.
7. Multi-year tax planning
8. Receipt of preliminary decisions (Pre-Ruling) from the tax authorities
9. Professional opinions.
10. International taxation.
11. Financial taxation.
12. Capital Declarations.