Non-Profit Organizations

Partner – Amichai Rozenberg, CPA (LL.B, M.A)

Our firm manages a department for associations and non-profit organizations, which provides service, professional guidance and ongoing dealing with the various bodies and inter alia the tax authorities and the Proper Management Department of the Registrar of Associations. Our office handles associations from a large range of fields, including sports associations, social and religious associations, and the like.

The firm's services in the field of Non-profit organizations encompass:

1. Audits of annual Financial Statements.
2. Discussions with the tax authorities
3. Construction and preparation of annual budgets.
4. Ongoing monitoring of the budget as regards its actual execution.
5. Assistance in submitting various applications for support to the governmental offices.
6. Assistance in in-depth General Accountant's and/or Registrar of Associations' audits.
7. Assistance and professional accompaniment in obtaining approval under Section 46 of the Income Tax Ordinance, in the process of obtaining the approval.